On the Path

Before diving into the details of Neigong it’s useful to give some understanding of how Path is designed and how one can walk and perceive it

We all one way or another, we are on some path. We are engaged in everyday affairs, interact with the world around us, go somewhere — this is all the Path. It is this word, because some of us still remember the times when there were only directions. It is quite obvious that being in the routine of everyday life, you will not learn much. At 6, getting up, putting in order, breakfast, expensive service …. such a variety. It soon becomes automatic. This is also called a habit. Habits are our wonderful friend, allowing us to spend vanishingly small efforts on simple actions, and at the same time the greatest enemy, since it is precisely vanishingly small efforts. As soon as we turn our life into a set of habits, that’s it, we die. New neural connections stop forming in the brain, the brain closes in on itself, we lose the ability to comprehend new things. A closed basis is formed, a set of basic actions. Like basis vectors in quantum mechanics…

Today we will talk about how to overcome this isolation. For a start, the easiest way will do. Change your surroundings. Climb higher, discover the perspective. From there you can really see better. Let’s look at a simple example. Given: night, light rain, wind, the weather is high, in general, you can wash for free, meteorites do not fly on our heads and even hail does not drop on your head. It is necessary: ​​in such weather to get from point A to point B. What we usually do, we take an umbrella, put on the rubber bands and gruntingly slap in the puddles. Using your existing basis. Or we sit down in our car and go along the well-known beaten track. Up to a certain level, the basis is very different in size, but still it is finite. To expand it, you need to remove the limitation of the limb, you need to be able to trust, the ability to dare to look beyond the horizon, the willingness not to exclaim “Why was it possible?” The wider your starting basis, the easier it will be for you. You already know and have done a lot. The fact that people with a lesser basis could not even conceive. Okay, I will not torment and pull the cat by the testicles, let’s start. So we arrived and we must leave, we start here:

Let me remind you, it’s dark and pouring, and in general it’s cold. And so we go exactly as long as we walked under strict guidance and ended up here.

The points where things are changed are called bifurcation points, the meaningful choices are made there.

So here we have a choice, or they will return in a known way. Either he will trust a sensitive guide, it is this guide so strange, a little incomprehensible and funny. But okay, we decide. The leadership does not insist on anything, it itself is a little tired and in general it is night, all decent entities are sleeping at this time. We decide to return in a known way. It’s more familiar this way. And it was possible to follow the unknown path. Moreover, they hinted at him. It is certainly not simple, and all sorts of nightmares are drawn there, for example, broken bottles on the floor. Aha, on a sandy embankment, which is 5 years old, there could not be broken glass there, they poured a lot at once and dumped stones very far away, and broken glass appears where the vessels come into contact with stones, there is such a beach somewhere in the far East. A whole beach of broken glass, for a whole century, probably accumulated and polished by the sea. There is the Pacific Ocean, the most navigable regions of the planet, people swim and throw glass into the sea. The planet needs glass. She herself knows how to do it, but it is necessary to do pimples of volcanoes, cause inflammation of the bark at the bottom of the ocean, fck it, it is better to let the little people poison themselves with booze, or give notes to the lord of the sea and give the planet glass. And the planet itself will make the beach. However, we are distracted.

There are lighthouses on any path, they are sometimes not obvious, you need to be able to see them, for this it is enough to realize a simple concept. No phenomenon is simple. Only ideas are simple. What do the control panel of a nuclear power plant and the handle of a frying pan have in common? The answer is simple: both are interfaces. Those are means of interacting someone with something. Or something with something. This is not so important. Sometimes the Gazprom tower can act as a beacon. For them it is beautiful, cool, prestigious just-ever. For us, it is a beacon in the night.

So we moved towards the beacon and reached our supposed destination:

And what to we see here: one more alternative route .

And here we are, on a normal concrete road. She’s obviously coming from somewhere. Seriously, that’s how it works. There are dead ends, of course, but there are not many of them. And that’s how they are created. there must be something hidden in them.

And if you did not bother, then you could immediately go forward. Scoring on all known concepts. But only a very few can so far, at the behest of their will, renounce everything, renounce themselves. They are nobody, and there is no name for them. They are primordial, originally simple ones.

And immediately we are on the direct path.

The World works like that. It was created that way. All you need is just to remember about the handle of the frying pan. And finally – some music for you. Comrade Jay Gordon of ORGY seems to have finally woken up some time ago. They are so dope.

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