Beasts\demons within

и вот, то чего так некоторые, очень важные мне люди ждали. я аннонсировал – делаю.

Originally published in 2016 as demons and now updated post “Demons”, this post was inspired by Wuxia fiction. As one may know every fairy tale, every fiction have it’s real foundation, and since China is really really old culture, some of their myths are worth digging into. In their tradition there are no some kind of God or Devil, since it’s the different sides of the same entity( Yin-Yang says hi here), and only oversimplified concepts of foundational concepts of Order and Chaos, but they are well aware of 5 basic beasts(demons if you feel like it) which are tearing us apart from inside. There are 5 basic types of them:

  1. Hatred
  2. Greed
  3. Resentment
  4. Obsession
  5. Delusion

All of those are occasionally manifest from within, and one must be ready to detect and combat them, in other case you’ll be defeated by your demon and fall into possessed state in which you can’t see things for what they are, you judgment(of both self and outside) will be distorted and thoughts clouded. In severe cases one or more beasts can take complete control over you, and you’re finished.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these bunnies:

  • Hatred — the most simple and obvious beast. Learn once and forever, hardcode it in your conscious and unconscious: when you hate something or someone — you hate yourself. That simple. It’s you who waste energy on hating, you start looking for things to justify that feeling, wasting even more energy, since it’s not in our very nature to hate. Combating it is really simple, once you see it arising simply discard that feeling, you don’t need it. It will not have any power over you in this case.
  • Greed — the most common beast. He is very very tenacious and thus widely spread. Once you fallen to him you restore him completely and must combat him all over again. Example: I bought some stock for 100$, and sold it for 150$. I long obliterated my greedy best. Now this stock goes over 300. I could have used leverage and add more on 150, 180, 200 and so on, neglecting my risk management, and loosing it all once some correction hits. Best tool with this beast is solid understanding that sometimes it’s worth taking what offered, and that must be enough. There is no “if”s in the future, they belong to past only, you could have bought that and sold for that, you could have married that person or that, but it’s irrelevant. Your success or failure have only one source – you. Something could have gone better, but as well worse. So be happy and content with current moment. Journey is the joy, not the destination.
  • Resentment — the most cunning demon. He takes you gaze somewhere out there. Just look how those sheep happy, how successful they are. Why am I here, why am I not as successful? Just stop it. You can’t deal with it. Make something worthy and be happy with it. Even if it’s just a small random act of kindness.
  • Obsession — the most dangerous one, it can destroy you in matter of months. It offers us some ideas, and as you may know there is no weapon/tool more powerful than ideas. Sometimes we got obsessed by some idea, we start pouring our time, money and other resources into it and for nothing. There is only one remedy for this – count it all, digitize it, model it on paper. And be honest with yourself, make 3 scenarios: desired one, normal one and catastrophic one. Be sure you can handle catastrophic one.
  • Delusion — the most insidious beast. He doesn’t deal you direct harm, instead he ignites your doubt. You must learn to question and doubt things naturally, and avoid unneeded doubts. Every endeavor can be de-composited and executed at small scale, just try things out – and you’ll see how it plays out. If not – let it go. That’s it.

I humbly hope that with help of this writing you’ll be able to identify and confront your beasts and ultimately defeat them. Some may be more complex but can be represented as superposition of those 5. Inner strength and fortitude to you, there is no fight harder when within. And remember – there is no fate worse than fall completely under beast’s control. There is tiny-tiny probability of coming back.

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