About God and religion – and why it’s bad for you

In Russian this post was written in long forgotten 2015, due to some life happenings.

From the start: stay calm, I’m no some trigger-happy agnostic, I’m simply anti0christian, anti-muslim, anti-jude … etc. BUT, for what you call God — it exists. You are free to call it whatever you like, e.g. some schizophrenic Father, Son and Holy spirit, or Allah or Yahweh, Tor, Quetzalcoatl, Thoth or alike… I prefer to call this entity The Eternity, and since sex is relative, like in English table is it, in Spanish table is she(la mesa), in Russian it is he, it is simply E.(also Big Electron is nice). Unlike gods in so many religions E. is perfectly cognoscible. However like in every study you only study small fragment of the whole entity, the same should be done during any study actually — keep in mind that bigger picture always exists. It’s similar in a way to block Universe of Eisenstein, everything what is happened, what is happening and what potentially can happen is inside E, and everything is predetermined at larger scale – but it is not.

With E. it’s completely different, everything is already happened, but not exactly going to be this way. Unlike Einstein thought, time is not simple 4th dimension, I’m not quiet sure on how many dimensions time have, maybe two, maybe some huge number like TREE(3). The smaller the region in space-time we operating the better we can predict what’s going to happen next. The larger the region we examine — the less certainty can be. And it’s not like with 60% it’s going to rain tomorrow, and with 40% it’s going to be dry and sunny. E. is not static, being complete set of some very huge number of dimensions she’s constantly evolving, changing and shifting, E. is alive after all.

In the title of the post and in first paragraph I mentioned religion. For what religion is it is just a weapon of indoctrination of the masses by some narrow group of people, first they were called shamans, then high priests, than government, and just recently in historic perspective, like ~12000 years of attributable human culture, they learnt to lurk in shadows and conceal their true faith – chaos.

You may think that most effective company is McDonalds, some of FANGs, or some else company of Fortune-500 list? You’re wrong, most effective corporation is Catholic church. It sells you mythical product, possesses enormous land area for free, and pays no taxes for over a millennia! It would be wrong to completely ignore the role of the church in history, may it be distorted a perverted but it was some order in chaos of tribal rituals, and even some order is better than utter chaos. It’s a step from pre-сreation chaos towards harmony of order. But most notorious of all churches is Russian Orthodox church. What relation can possibly have their luxurious buildings to their so-called God? E. is always a whisper in you head, and even if you have an urge to go to the church and put some candle before some painting – just go of the gird for a while. Deprive yourself of all noises, turn off all your disturbing devices and listen, listen to yourself and you will hear a whisper at very remote corner of your mind. Congrats – that’s E.

For the conclusion one last bullet in the dead body of religion. We often hear “May the God bless you”, “God bless you”, and such. E. is not hearing particularly anyone(and it’s rude to personally address such a supreme being with your own lowly problems – don’t you think?), there is no anyone with exclusive access privileges, she’s everywhere and thus in everyone, and provides free access to the entire universe of ideas\ways\knowledge and there is nothing stopping you from getting access to this huge database, and no one can prohibit you that access. Just like in Bitcoin — which is free, open, public, border-less and censorship resistant, don’t you think that Satoshi made it to be image of E. for monetary tool:)?

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